Saturday, December 1, 2012

Perl Advent Calendars: 2012

Move on over, Movember! Happy December!
Make room for Perl Advent Season!

We are blessed with many perl themed advent calendars. I'm so excited to have so many squares to open! Now, if I could just get my article(s?) for the perl advent calendar finished(started!!!)

Yearning for something more active than just reading an article each day? Make a pull request to your favorite OSS projects with 24 pull requests, and brighten immeasurably the day of your favorite developer.

Perl Advent Calendars

Perl Advent
(Formerly the calendar)
Perl Dancer -- the dancer mini web framework
OX -- a web anti-framework
first time advent calendar!
Perl 6!
For the adventurous: Japanese Perl Advent Calendars, 2 different tracks: Hacker Track Casual Track

Retired Advent Calendars:

Catalyst Advent Calendar -- The Catalyst Web Framework
The catalyst advent calendar has been retired, replaced by a monthly series. The past 7 years of calendars are available.
Ricard's advent Calendar -- a month of RJBS. Not updated since 2010, but he did give us a Hanukkah calendar last year! Hanukkah 2011
Plack advent calendar: Not updated since 2009.

A bonus list

for the sysadmin and web geeks in your life:
SysAdvent - The Sysadmin Advent Calendar.
24 ways - Advent Calendar for Web Geeks.