Friday, November 15, 2013

Kinesis Advantage: mapping the Macintosh Power key


Press = and Scroll Lock together while in a pc master mode to make Scroll Lock the Macintosh Power Key.


I normally use non-windows pc mode (=p) for my kinesis. Now that I'm on a mac I need a Command key, so I switched to windows pc mode. Windows pc mode only changes one thumb key relative to non-pc mode, the right alt becomes a Command/Windows key. Mac mode remaps all the alt and control locations and produces two Command/Windows keys.

I rarely need the power button, so I hadn't bothered to figure this out. But now I want to be able to suspend/power my laptop without opening it and waiting on graphic layout as the system switches to multi-monitor mode.


It's a simple matter to pull the Power Key binding from mac (=m) mode into any of the other modes. Press = "Scroll Lock" to copy the binding from default into current. The tricky part was finding the original binding.

  • Kinesis advantage supports three master settings: macintosh (=m), non-windows pc(=p) and windows pc(=w).
  • macintosh mode (= m) is the default mode.
  • macintosh mode maps Scroll Lock to Power Key
  • Any key that is mapped by a master setting can be individually remapped using the = key in the number row (top left, above Tab).
Windows PC layout:

Kinesis USB Advantage manual