Monday, October 13, 2008


To Mark and Mike at Manager Tools,

Thank you for all you've done for the management community. I've learned so many skills from you guys but more importantly your attitude is infectious. Improve! Improve your directs, what better way for you to be acknowledged as a manager than to have your directs promoted? Be true to yourself and your ideals! Help others to help the world! The Manager Tools website and podcast are incredible resources for both the new manager and the seasoned professional.

Mark and Mike are flying to NYC this weekend (Oct 18) for a free career-crisis skills conference. First-come-first-served. I've forwarded this directly to some friends in the NY job market. This is an amazing gift from them. If you're able to get there, I'd recommend it. Find out more about this Free Career Crisis Skills Conference - Oct 18,2008

The Effective Managers conference in San Antonio (September 2007) was amazing. It was overwhelmingly frightening to introduce myself to the group as a whole. Going through the feedback drills was almost as hard! This first hand experience is just what I needed to get over the twin fears of failure and success. I don't have it all down, but I'm moving forward.

I liked the conference so much I became a full-premium member of the website, which included the "How to Interview" series. This series is incredibly useful on both sides of the interviewing process. I definitely leaned on it while doing interviews for new hires at ValueClick and used it for preparation for the interviews that lead to my current job at The Rubicon Project. Quick take-away: be upstanding, be polite, be prepared, be yourself. Perhaps the most important tip: There are two parts to the job search: getting offers and taking offers. These are separate phases!

Mark and Mike, thanks again for all your hard work and inspiration.


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