Tuesday, November 4, 2008

NYC Marathon 2008

Dear Andrew Grangaard

Congratulations! You persevered through all five boroughs and finished 26.2 miles by crossing the most famous finish line in the world. You're an ING New York City Marathon finisher!

We celebrate you and your accomplishment. We're proud to be the city where you and the rest of the world come to run.

Here are your unofficial results:

Finish time: 6:42:28
10K split: 1:30:56
Half-marathon split: 3:19:11

Relish this victory; it's a memory you'll have for a lifetime. Take time to rest and recover, and then get back out there for more!

All my admiration,

Mary Wittenberg
Race Director, ING New York City Marathon
President and CEO, New York Road Runners

I'm a marathoner!

My thanks go out to the people of New York who came out to cheer along the entire length of the course, my wife who snuck in and ran 10 miles with me from 16 to the finish, to JJ & Tara for putting us up (and putting up with us) for the weekend, and to Neil and Rodney and everyone at Woodland Hills Physical Therapy for patching me up to get me back out there!

It's a long path from Good Intentions to finished reality. Only by trying the impossible can we find our limits.

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