Monday, June 29, 2009

June Perl Mongers recap

"Thank you!" to all who came out to the June meeting. We had nearly 20 people and two excellent presentations.

David's talk challenged the common belief that "Perl is Slow" and sparked an excellent discussion that ranged from data models, snowflake schemas and pure perl olap cubes and off to Bloom filters, scaling horizontally vs vertically, hadoop/hbase and onwards. To paraphrase: Make it as simple as possible (elegance) and think about every speed consideration (diligence).

Matt's presentation was packed as he demonstrated the technologies and ideas behind his latest project. We got to see a lot of live code and patterns in action. Touching on Moose, MooseX::Storage, KiokuDB, Coro, Continuity, Mason, JSON, AnyEvent, Moose::Object::Pluggable, Process, HTML::Seamstress, HTML::Tree, HTML::Element, Net::Server, IPC::Cmd, jquery and Joose. Then gluing it all together and testing it. Here's the pdf cheatsheet from his talk.

In between speakers we continued the discussion while we munched pizza and raided the beer fridge. We had a fun cross section of people, those who signed in to show support: Gray, HSiegel, Jordan, David, David, Matt, Allen and others). Eric and his coworkers from Campus Explorer even drove to Santa Monica on their work-from-home-Wednesday. Rubicon Project, thanks for the support, location, food and vibe.

Can't wait to see you all in July.

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Terrence Brannon said...

Hi, the reference to seamstress is to my module HTML::Seamstress. It is a push-style templating solution for Perl which has been in development since 2001.

It is minimalist in its design, leveraging pure Perl OO technology and DOM style HTML processing.