Wednesday, September 23, 2009

LA PM tonight.

I'm Looking forward to seeing you tonight at 7.
1925 S. Bundy, LA, CA, 90025.

I'll be your speaker tonight, as our originally planned speaker has an injury and can't make it. I've put together a presentation and a Q&A discussion.

* Accessing the JIRA SOAP api using JIRA::Client.
JIRA::Client is a thin wrapper around SOAP::Lite that provides a few additional convenience methods. I'll compare and contrast a perl and ruby implementation of a simple script to query bug counts.

* Care and feeding of third party Perl modules at work -- how do you do it?
I've asked a few of you this question, and heard a variety of answers. I think it'll be interesting to discuss the various strategies that are out there. How is this not a solved problem that everyone knows? (Or am I just out of the loop?)

I have blog posts on both of these, if you'd care to comment before the meeting: access-jira-api-from-perl-with

Info, directions and parking map:

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