Monday, October 12, 2009

Congrats on the new book, Wei-Hwa!

Wei-Hwa Huang has a new book out, Mutant Sudoku. As one of the world's top puzzlers, I'm sure he'll bring an interesting take on the game. Congratulations on your new book!

I remember when he first introduced me to Sudoku via a terrible pun involving a certain Count from Star Wars, about 2 years before the US sudoku craze began. I really didn't appreciate the quality of the joke until much later, and now I can't seem to find that quote in the gale logs. I did find a mention of the sudoku t-shirt he made in silk screening at Caltech, circa 1996. So clearly he's been aware of these puzzles for a long time.

My sophomore year I took the Putnam Exam, and was happy to emerge from the test alive, I think I even got a few points of partial credit. Wei-Hwa, as a frosh, did amazingly well. Now that I look it up, I see he was a Putnam Fellow in 1993. Top 5 in the country. Wow.

Seriously, how many people do I know with their own wikipedia entry?

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