Thursday, January 7, 2010

Perl Iron Man challenge -- is the cron still running?

Am I linking to the correct image files?
In the Matt's Announcement, he said to link to the images in I see all of those images as having a modified date of 2009-10-03. Perhaps that is just a trick of the linked files, as that is the modified date for the live image files. All of the CSV Files seem to be really old too. Is that not the path that the CSV cron job is using?

Now I'm wondering if I really missed a day or two in there where I pushed it to 10 days when I was slacking (for weeks on end) by doing work-work instead of blogging, or if I really have hit IRON MAN status after 6 months of blogging. I thought today was 6 months, but it's actually 7 months! I still show up as Bronze Man status I hope I didn't push too many 10 day windows in a row and risk not hitting the 4 posts per 32 days rolling window. (I don't think I knew that was a requirement, before reading the rules just now. Well, I must have known that at some point, as I made a post about it many moons ago.

[andrew@mini]% date -d '2009-06-06 + 7 months'
Wed Jan 6 00:00:00 PST 2010


SF said...

If it was working and you had blown it, you wouldn't still be bronze, right?

I'm pretty sure I'm in the exact same place as you... Seems like they cleverly got a bunch of us blogging, then never carried through on the other stuff they said they were going to do.

mdk said...

The code is a little b0rked - something going on/not going on - I have been stuck at Stone Man. I have been trying to prod people into having a look on #epo-ironman for some time, I think the latest person to say they will tackle it is Arthas. If you want to help bully him, mst + others into getting this working that'd get my vote ;)