Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March LA Mongers Recap

Another excellent mongers! Thanks to the MANY who showed up!

Tommy's talk on "git your ~" was interesting and detailed. It was interesting enough to pull Randall out of the woods to come debate. I wish I could have paid closer attention, but I was busy answering the door and dealing with the pizza dude and taking Simba(my new puppy) on an impromptu walk.

During the downtime/discussion time after git and pizza, I had enough time to make a lightning talk on Dist::Zilla. The CPAN authors in the crowd all seemed to have the same reaction of "awesome, that will make releasing modules so much more painless." I didn't even get to the point of showing git interaction or autopost-to-cpan plugins. We had some nice crowd participation (thanks Simba).

Excellent spirited discussion during the unstructured q&a / free chat portion. We are a fun group. Sorry I had to rush everyone out at 11, but Simba is not one to be kept waiting. See you again next month!

I'll update when we get the slides up.

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