Friday, April 16, 2010

Today's morning research :Graph theory. also CPAN is awesome.

I spent the morning thinking about software interviewing. It's a been a couple of months and I have candidates to interview today and Monday. I was hoping to find a couple of nice topics for a non-trivial yet simple code project for an hour long pair session at the end of the day.

But then I stumbled across this thread, again. And I realized that while I've actually studied up on most of that stuff recently, Graph Theory is still sitting, waiting on some virtual shelf.

So now on the reading list we have MIT Discrete Math (Why do we still not have a Caltech Open Classware type thing?), Algorithm Design Manual, which I started browsing at googlebooks. 15-251 at CMU, check out the wiki perhaps? I already have Knuth's discrete math book in my queue, and the depth of my reading queue keeps increasing.

Jarkko Hietaniemi's Graph module is up to version 0.94. Does it really have the Graph-0.20 compat layer still? I read the manual and the source this morning. It's lovely code: clean object layout leads to tons of small functions that are self commenting. Sometimes I forget how awesomely easy it is to browse to the source of random cpan modules and to read through the tests or random files like this design doc. Do you ever forget how awesome it is to breathe? It's like that.

A side note on queues, remember your basic theory: size of the queue is controlled by the flow rate in and the flow rate out. And the corollary: the average time through the queue ( average length * average outflow ) is also directly correlated to the inflow and outflow. If your queue is continually increasing in size or books are sitting on the table for too long, then you need to either increase the outflow or decrease the inflow to shrink the queue. So take the time you would spend adding new content to the queue and focus that time instead on pulling out of the queue. Consume Knowledge.

Yes Simba, I'll take you on a walk now. Sorry you had to wait for two+ hours while I read and blogged from 6:30 to 9, but these thing happen.

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