Thursday, August 26, 2010 august meeting prep (exclusive behind-the-scenes look!)

"Uh oh, an email from Aran, one of my presenters for tonight," I thought as I opened it with terpidation.
Tommy said to me yesterday "So, you're presenting tomorrow?" And I was like "I am?" And he was like "Ya." And then I was like "Dude, I gotta make my presentation!" And he was like "Burn!" And I was like "Its cool, should be an easy one to prep for." And he was like "Cool." And I was like "Cool." And then I asked "Are you presenting?" And he was like "I was, but I flaked and now Andrew is forced to present." And I was like "Burn!". And he was like "Ya man." And I was like "Cool." And he was like "Cool."

See ya in a couple hours!
Aran, 2:28pm

"Cool," with Tommy leaving me a late night voicemail on Tuesday to postpone his presentation, I was not looking for another presentation slot to fill. Happy dance! Aran always does lovely, polished talks with cute slides. What was I thinking, not checking my email until 5pm anyways?

What's this, he's replied to his own message? "Ruh roh!" said the alarm bells in my head as I opened it to read his retraction and cancellation from 2:48pm. There goes my plan of finishing (writing) my presentation during Aran's talk. " 'Burn!' ," to use the parlance of our times.

Dear Perlers,

Yes Laziness is a Virtue[1] but so is Hubris. "Get up and present!" I say Impatiently.

Andrew (your[2] host and default presenter)

P.S. Please try and pick more sensible defaults.




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