Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Releases

I opened my cpan mail today and received a lovely email from a user of one of my CPAN modules, Hadoop::Streaming. Reading a nice comment was a wonderful way to start the first Monday of this New Year. Included with the praise was a bug report -- double plus good!

You have absolutely no idea (or perhaps you do) how happy I was to see that there is a hadoop streaming module for perl. So I thank you for making this available! I wonder if you are still working on it or have plans to continue working on it? Are there many users to your knowledge? Finally, I've tried to run the example code myself under perl 5.12.2 and receive bareword errors when running the mapper locally.

---- Frank S Fejes III

Looking at the package and the error output in his email I realized that my hastily pushed out synopsis example had not been code reviewed -- it wouldn't compile as I wasn't quoting the arguments to the Moose keyword 'with.'

It was a small matter to fix and a breeze to push to cpan via the magic of Dist::Zilla. Thanks Ricardo!

  1. clone code from github repo : git clone
  2. edit lib/Hadoop/ to fix the Synopsis pod
  3. add comment to Changes file
  4. commit the change locally and back to github: git commit && git push origin master
  5. magic Dist::Zilla command, dzil release, which took care of:
    1. checking for file modified files not checked in to git
    2. running pod weaver,
    3. running tests,
    4. updating the release version in Changes file,
    5. git commit Changes,
    6. git push origin master,
    7. git branch,
    8. tar+gz release,
    9. push release to CPAN

While checking my CPAN mail, I also found a CPANTS fail notice for Net::HTTP::Factual which is built on Net::HTTP::Spore. Spore v0.3 came out and changed the spec format again from v0.2 which was in turn different from v0.1.

I tweaked my factual .spec to work with Sport v0.2 or v0.3 and pushed it up to cpan. Same magic Dist::Zilla command.

Freshly available on CPAN:

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