Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cpanm 1.1 -- now with mirror support!

There is a new version of cpanm (App-cpanminus) that supports --mirror and --mirror-only to allow offline usage.

Kick ass! Thanks again miyagawa

cpanm 1.1 is shipped, and with `--mirror-only` option, you can use it with your local minicpan mirror, or your own company's CPAN index (aka DarkPAN).

The only reason for a few experienced perl programmers who loves cpanm but can't use cpanm offline or at work was the lack of the proper mirror index querying support.

cpanm always has required an internet connection to resolve module name and dependencies, and always relies on CPAN Meta DB and to query package index.

It's been a fair requirement for 95% of the usage, but again, for an experienced hacker who spends their most of airplane's time hacking code on their laptops, the offline support to fallback to local minicpan would be really nice. (Even though many airlines nowadays provide in-flight Wi-Fi :))

So I opened a bug to support `--mirror-only` option to bypass these internet queries and parse mirror's own 02packages.txt.gz file for module resolution a while ago, and a couple of people have tried implementing it in their own branches. (Thank you!)

Today I merged one of those implementations, and improved a little bit to make it run even faster and more network efficient. The way to use it is really simple, just run cpanm with options such as:

cpanm --mirror ~/minicpan --mirror-only Plack

and it will use your minicpan local mirror as the only place to resolve module names and download tarballs from. (TIP: you can alias this like `minicpanm` to save typing)


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