Monday, April 18, 2011

CPANTS: down?

I tried to pull up a report on CPANTS ( today (The CPAN Testing Service) and was greeted by the sad message quoted below.

Is this because wasn't getting used in favor of I was afraid we'd lost the awesome CPAN testing infrastructure. According to the CPAN::Testers documentation, CPANTS was a project to track "Kwalitee" & metadata of modules on the CPAN. So what does that mean?

CPANTS - The CPAN Testing Service
CPANTS is currently down due to terminal bitrot.
If you're interested in having it back, please contact domm AT

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absurddoctor said...

From what I understand CPANTS didn't have anything to do with actual code-testing, but all of the other fun stuff ... mainly checking if your CPAN modules followed a set of best practices as defined by the people running CPANTS. I can't claim to have been following all along, but it sort of seemed like this: was the beginning of the end, as various people who enjoyed playing the kwalitee game didn't like how the rules had changed. Or maybe it was doomed from the beginning, simply because it was really only potentially useful to module authors themselves.