Saturday, June 4, 2011

Crashed Kindle

Wow, I crashed my kindle3-3G today. I tried to use the "back page" button after jumping forward a chapter and it wedged. The screen froze, and didn't change when I power cycled. A soft-reset (hold on-switch for "15" seconds) caused the screen to clear (all black then all clear). I could only tell if it was on by checking the light in my case.

The reboot key-combo is "shift-alt-r". After a couple of soft-resets I tried a reboot and it worked! woo!

Of course, I had to verify. I navigated to the same page and hit back again. Now it's back to being wedged.

No, it isn't the case causing crashes in my case, it's my own converted-from-chm-emailed-to-my-kindle ebook.

Edit: update, she's working again now that I'm done writing this post. Perhaps it was just really really busy finding that page?

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