Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wedding Dance

My latest Dancer project is up at, a website for my pending wedding. T-minus-13 days and counting!

The source is up at github. Look in the wedding-dancer directory for the dancer project.

The dancer code is very short, because I'm not really using any dancer bits. I'm using dancer to provide an interface around templating code and page layout wrapping. As such, the pages are all pure templates.

Version .1 was very close to the following code snippet. Auto_page turns my template files into corresponding routes. I then created a template for each of my pages, spent a day futzing with CSS and poof: wedding website!

package sweetiebeast;
use Dancer ':syntax';
our $VERSION = '0.1';
set auto_page => 1;
get '/' => sub { template 'index'; };

When I launched, I put the site behind an apache proxypass directive. So I added Dancer::Plugin::Proxy to create links relative to the external proxy. I query Dancer::Plugin::Proxy to explicitly create link targets in the model to simplify my views.

package sweetiebeast;
use Dancer ':syntax';
use Dancer::Plugin::ProxyPath;
our $VERSION = '0.2';

set auto_page => 1;
get '/' => sub { template 'index'; };

before_template sub {
    my $tokens = shift;
    $tokens->{uri_base}           = proxy->uri_for("/");
    $tokens->{uri_for_index}      = proxy->uri_for("/");
    $tokens->{uri_for_faq}        = proxy->uri_for("/faq");
    $tokens->{uri_for_location}   = proxy->uri_for("/location");
    $tokens->{uri_for_travel}     = proxy->uri_for("/travel");
    $tokens->{uri_for_guests}     = proxy->uri_for("/guests");
    $tokens->{uri_for_images}     = proxy->uri_for("/images");

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