Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Big Data" book by Nathan Marz

Big Data: Principle and best practices of scalable realtime data systems by Nathan Marz and Samuel E. Ritchie is now available in MEAP/Roughcut edition from Manning.

The early access edition of my book "Big Data" is now available. Use code bd50 for 50% off
---- @nathanmarz on twitter (link)
Questions about the book? Ask me here:
---- @nathanmarz on twitter (link)

Nathan tweeted a discount code 'bd50' for 50% off, which is a nice bonus. I ordered a ebook+print bundle my copy on Monday. Looking forward to digging in and updating you all with a review. Excited to read the Appendix on storm.

Table of Contents:

  1. A new paradigm for Big Data - FREE
  2. Data model for Big Data - AVAILABLE
  3. Data storage on the batch layer
  4. MapReduce and batch processing
  5. Batch processing with Cascading
  6. Basics of the serving layer
  7. Storm and the speed layer
  8. Incremental batch processing
  9. Layered architecture in-depth
  10. Piping the system together
  11. Future of NoSQL and Big Data processing
    • Appendix A: Hadoop
    • Appendix B: Thrift
    • Appendix C: Storm

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