Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hadoop::Streaming v0.122420 released

Hadoop::Streaming perl module v0.122420 released to CPAN today.

Yanick was kind enough to send me a patch (Pull Request #2) to clean up the formatting of the POD documentation. Thank you for the patch Yanick! I love patches and pull requests! Woot!

You know what else I love? Dist::Zilla! Thanks Ricardo! Here are the complete steps to release a new version and push it to CPAN after merging in the pull request:
git pull && dzil release

Steps accomplished by dzil release:

  1. generate new version number
  2. podweaver magic to generate structured POD
  3. boilerplate: create LICENSE, MANIFEST, META.json, META.yml, Makefile, etc.
  4. create tar file of distribution
  5. extract tar file and run all tests
  6. verify no dirty files in git
  7. update Changes file to include the new version number.
  8. git commit Changes file
  9. upload tar file to cpan
  10. git tag with version number
  11. git push to origin

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