Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Modify submit-type for Gerrit project via meta/config

The Submit-type of a gerrit code review project can not be changed in the UI after creation. It can be modified via the hidden meta/config branch. Any setting available to create-project can be edited this way.

Project information is not stored in the gerrit database. The information is stored directly in the git repository in a branch named 'meta/config', in two files 'project.config' and 'groups'. The values from these files are cached in the'project-list' and 'projects' caches.

Steps to make a change:

  1. set read and push permissions on refs/meta/config
  2. check out the branch,
  3. change the files,
  4. push the repo back,
  5. clear the cache.

Check out the branch:

% git fetch origin refs/meta/config:refs/remotes/origin/meta/config
% git checkout meta/config

Push back the changes:

% git push origin meta/config:meta/config
#via review:
% git push origin meta/config:refs/for/refs/meta/config

Flush the caches:

% ssh gerrit gerrit flush-caches --cache project_list
% ssh gerrit gerrit flush-caches --cache projects


[access "refs/*"]
        owner = group MYgroup
        requireChangeId = true
        mergeContent = true
        action = merge always


# UUID                                          Group Name
# eca2c52d733e5740a01747e71f018dcfdeadbeef      MYgroup
I found the meta/config mentioned in some posts (post post) in the repo-discuss newsgroup.


MartyMacGyver said...

I just wanted to thank you for this. I've been working on a related problem (updating low-level configurations in general) and this showed me how to accomplish that! :-)

Krinkle said...

The push for review command doesn't work. Should be "git push origin meta/config:refs/for/refs/meta/config" instead of "git push origin meta/config:refs/for/meta/config"

Andrew Grangaard said...

Krinkle, thanks for the comment and correction!

I've edited to correctly use "refs/for/refs/meta/config"

Anonymous said...

It didn't understand what needs to be cloned.

Setting the global configurations the repo All-Projects should be cloned

git clone ssh://user@localhost:29418/All-Projects

*change user@localhost to match your configuration

Andrew Grangaard said...

This post is about changing the settings for a single project. So we clone that project and then fetch the meta/config branch. Meta/config is not normally listed in the branches, but we can fetch it by name.

Does this help with your question?