Monday, May 12, 2014

Monitorama Slides 2014

Videos will be posted in the monitorama channel on vimeo:

Until then, enjoy this collection of slidedecks and twitter handles.

Day 1:

Please, no More Minutes, Milliseconds, Monoliths... or Monitoring Tools!

Computers are a Sadness, I am the Cure

  • James Mickens
  • No slides posted. No twitter handle.
  • lots of photos.
  • "Say 'Word Count' one more time"

Simple math to get some signal out of your noisy sea of data

The Care and Feeding of Monitoring

Car Alarms and Smoke Alarms

Metrics 2.0

Our Most Wicked Problem

StatsG at New York Times

The cost and complexity of reactive monitoring

  • Chris Baker
  • @datumrich
  • slides: none yet

From Zero To Visibility

Day 2:

"Auditing all the things": The future of smarter monitoring and detection

Is There An Echo In Here?: Applying Audio DSP algorithms to monitoring

A Melange of Methods for Manipulating Monitored Data

The Final Crontab

This One Weird Time-Series Math Trick

The Lifecycle of an Outage

A whirlwind tour of Etsy's monitoring stack

Wiff: The Wayfair Network Sniffer

Web performance observability

Day 2: Lightning Talks

ServerSpec and Sensu

Monitoring for Distributed Operational Responsibility

Postgres Performance Monitoring

  • Larry Price
  • @laprice

Accidentally catching a hacker with monitoring

  • Xiao Yu
  • @HypertextRanch
  • "We need to teach developers exactly enough stats and math to solve their biggest problems."

Chess - a reflection of life

  • Narenda Vikram D
  • @contactdnv

17th Century Shipbuilding and Your Failed Software Project

Day 3 – Hacking and Tutorials

Kibana Workshop

Flapjack Workshop

Dashing Workshop

InfluxDB Workshop

Grafana Workshop

Wrap-up notes and blog posts:

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