Friday, May 1, 2020

Rust playground from your own gist

The rust playground is awesome.

It allows playing with rust in the browser, without needing to install anything locally. These playgrounds / playpens are popular with newer languages. I've definitely seen with rust, go, kotlin, and others. Javascript ones allow script and css and other elements.

When editing a playground, the file can be modified, compiled, and run. The file can be exported as a direct link with the code (if it is short enough to fit in a get param). The code is also stored as a github gist under the "rust-play" user, and export links are provided to view the gist and to load a permalink to the playpen with that gist.

I haven't seen this documented anywhere, but we can use our own gist in the link!

Permalink looks like this:

version, mode and edition options configure the settings for the playground.
The gist option specified the gist to load.

Advantages to using your own gist:
  • Ownership and control
  • Notification of comments
  • Tracking of forks
  • Updates of gist are reflected in the playground
  • Edits made in the playground are lost.  The playground doesn't have update access to the gist.
  • Unexpected experience for consumers?

Try out my Playground link for gist 23727a722bff54fd20f44ef43b96466b

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