Friday, July 2, 2021

We're baaaaaack! domain is back online!

Godaddy allowed a ring of foreign IPs to access my account and modify domains.

Most actions would have triggered warning emails. Modifying DNS records does not. Nor are changes to DNS logged. Their actions did not trigger any warnings or any fraud detection at all. Who even allows admin traffic from russia, china, or brazil here in the 2020s?

I only found out when I googled and found zero results for the site. A view on the wayback machine shows a redirect to some sort of scammer referral site. Apologies if anyone of my lovely readers ended up there. Then godaddy moved to parking the domain. The did not inform me, nor share any generated ad revenue.

On the bright side, this kicked me to get my last couple of domains off of Godaddy.

Just say No, Godady is an unethical and sexist entity that should be avoided, in my opinion.

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