Saturday, June 6, 2009

June Perl Mongers Meeting.

Hello Los Angeles!
I am pleased to announce a Los Angeles Perl Mongers Meeting:

What: Perl Mongers Meeting
When: 7-9pm
Date: Wed, Jun 17, 2009.
Where: The Rubicon Project HQ - 1925 S. Bundy, 90025
Theme: Perl!
Food: Pizza and Pop provided. Responses appreciated.


  1. Data processing and Numerical Analysis in Perl (David Williams)
  2. Moose and Joose -- Programming is (more) fun again. (Matthew Burns)

About our speakers:
David Williams is a Senior Software Engineer and Researcher at the Rubicon Project, formerly of RAND. He's a mathematician, puzzle solver and perl lover.

Matthew Burns is a Senior Software Engineer at ValueClick / Search123. He has modernized and revitalized the S123 team and product over the past year. He's a magician and great at finding creative ways to plug things together.

About your host:
* Andrew Grangaard is a Senior Software Engineer at the Rubicon Project, and long time Perl Monkey. A Caltech EE, he made the switch from Hardware to Software in 1998 and hasn't looked back.

* The Rubicon Project (
The Rubicon Project is an Advertising Technology Company headquartered in Los Angeles. Their mission is to automate the selling and buying of online advertising.

See you at 7 on the 17th.

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Amiri said...

Hey! I didn't know you were on iron man! mst and the gang haven't put up mine yet. Cool.

Andrew Grangaard said...

We had almost 20 people last night. Thanks so much for coming out!

Dave and Matt, thank you both for excellent presentations.

Andrew Grangaard said...

Modern Perl Techniques to Build Distributed Web 2.0 Applications pdf flier from Matt's talk.

Unknown said...

Hi Andrew, I happened upon your blog whilst looking for information on Perl and OLAP. The June Perl Mongers Meeting seems quite interesting. Was there any presentation material - or was audo/video podcast with it?