Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Access the JIRA API from Perl with JIRA::Client

Quick problem: I want to know the bug count for the upcoming release, which encompasses two jira projects. I'd like to know the count of open, closed and resolved bugs for each of the two projects and combined. I have created several stored filters that show me the bugs/issues/tickets in each category, and a count.

Because the issues are in multiple projects, combining them in one search and filtering by closed status is daunting directly in Jira.

A quick CPAN search later and I had JIRA::Client installed on my workstation. After jumping through a few hoops I got the JIRA admin to enable SOAP API access. API access is installed but disabled by default.

The hardest parts was finding the correct API docs for our version of JIRA. I didn't think 3.11 to 3.13 would be a big difference, but it was.

Tonight a threw together a quick script to grab the bug counts across each of my 6 saved searches and return the bug count. It started out looking like this: Eventually I prettied it all up with flags, config files and documentation and pushed it to my github repository named "examples": jira.pl

Is there a way to embed a file from my github the same way as I can for gists from gist.github.com?


Gnustavo said...

Nice example. It inspired me to make it easier to get from filter names to filter ids. I just released JIRA::Client version 0.16 which implicitly casts filter names into filter ids in the calls to getIssueCountForFilter and getIssuesFromFilterWithLimit.


Andrew Grangaard said...

Gnustavo, thanks for the comment and the added feature in 0.16. That's awesome.