Monday, November 23, 2009

Acer 1810T unboxing

My new netbook, Acer 1810T, just arrived from Amazon. I unboxed it this morning.

This machine is lovely. It's everything I had hoped for from when I bought an Acer Aspire One (750) three months ago. The Aspire One had such a nice form factor and it was so quiet. But the Poulsbo video chip was unusably slow under linux. The single hinged button on the track pad drove me batty. I was able to take it back and wait for the new models, and now they're here!

The 1810T has two real buttons on the track pad. Video is updating quickly (I haven't tried video yet) and it just feels snappy. I didn't realize how much heavier this 6 cell battery would be than the 3 cell in my 750.

I am slowly getting it to fully working state. I've done the win7 30 minute post-install install step. Then removed various pieces of factory installed trialware.

I then popped in my Ubuntu Network Remix (UNR) usb-key. Only to find that my usb-key is dead. After a couple of hours of downloading I had a new 1G image ready for my other usb-key. After booting into UNR I repartitioned and installed. I'm now giving it a whirl. Video under USB seems nice.

My first attempt at suspend worked and got me back to the login prompt during restore, but the box kind of freezes while "Checking..." for long periods of time. I'll look at this again after doing an 'aptitude update&&aptitude upgrade' to see if there are have been any updates from the ISO. I was hoping to also test hibernate before upgrading. With my previous AspireOne, I was able to get hibernation working but not suspend (although I had suspend working before upgrading the video drivers).

Update: Much improved under linux after two changes. inspired by this thread. I added 'libata.noncq=force' to my grub configuration (under the default linux options) and removed the acer-wmi kernel module by adding it to the autoload blacklist. I aslo decided to reinstall to Ubuntu from Ubuntu Netbook Remix. I'll be running Ion anyways, so no need to have the UNR interface (especially not with all these glorious pixels!!).

Update 2: This How to: Karmic Koala on Acer 1410 / 1810T/ 1810TZ also looks interesting. It just popped up.

For 600 bucks, it isn't exactly in the impulse-buy category, but it sure is lovely. If you can find one!

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