Saturday, November 28, 2009

los angeles perl mongers : next meeting Wed, Dec 2 site updated with the date and topic of the next perl mongers meeting, which is this coming Wednesday. How is it December already?

We'll be doing a group discussion of perl+vim, (wonder twins activated). Bring your favorite tricks and config files. This can be anything from using vim tricks to make programming perl smoother or using the perl interpreter inside of vim, to programs used to prep data for vim (tags and etc) to screen and shell tricks.

I've got a github repository started for configuration files. Send me some git changes to my files or copies of your own before the meeting. Afterward I hope to have repo updated with all the contributed configuration files as well as a meta file of the ones people liked.

I made a previous post on perl + vim notes. There are few things there listed under "stuff I'd like other people to show me," if you use/know them please consider coming prepared to talk about them.

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