Saturday, December 26, 2009

More Perl Advent Calendars

After I finished my post on perl advent calendars I stayed up for two more hours and finished reading all of RJBS's calendar. A midnight to 2am well spent.

Working through the perl advent calendar, I found links to a few more.

Plack Advent Calendar miyagawa walking us through the new hawtness that is psgi & plack.
PSGI, plack
Runs us from day 1 of installing plack through creating apps and multiple apps living on one install and beyond. A nice addition to the plack documentation. We should all learn this one, and start building against the PSGI specification so our webapps can be deployed across a range of server types. has several advent calendars up: hacker, casual, dbix-skinny, data-model.
They are all written in japanese, but the code snippets are in perl.

Day 2 of hacker track has a nice piece on opts which is a DSL (domain specific language) for command line parsing, a nice wrapper around Getopt::Long.
use opts;

opts my $foo => { isa => 'Str', default => 'bar' },
my $bar => { isa => 'Int', required => 1, alias => 'x' };

Merry Christmas indeed!

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