Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Perl Advent Calendar(s)

It's that time of year again! Ok, I'm 23days late for the start, but I'm still within the valid range. Perl Advent Calendars!

I just stumbled across RJBS's Perl Advent Calendar. The article for Today (2009-12-24) is on Email::Sender::Simple. This is a great module. Seriously, if you are doing any email sending, this is what you should use.

I found and used this module over this past summer, while updating some legacy php code that included an emailed report. I was not looking forward to reimplementing the email sending routines in my perl version, but then I found Email::Sender::Simple and it is (as you'd expect from the name) super simple. Unless you want it to be more complex, and then it'll be more complex.

This whole advent calendar is pretty cool, because it is all stuff he's been working on. A brief moment of webstalking, and now I know who RJBS is. He wrote jgal, and igal clone, way back when. I should have an email around here from when I first switched from igal to jgal. That must have been a long time ago... it was, among other things, PRE-FLICKR! Hmm, scratch that, seems I was confusing jgal with jigl, both of which were igal inspired. I did just find an email from Oct 2003 personally announcing jigl vs 2.0 (jason's image gallery).

Some perl advent calendars:

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