Thursday, August 5, 2010

perldoc Completion in zsh

I just saw a link to a bash perldoc completion script: I was confused by his need to write it and then realized that bash hadn't cribbed the awesome completion for perldoc that zsh has. I thought there was pretty good parity after bash improved their system to (nearly) match zsh, apparently I was incorrect.

Checking out the git source for zsh and running git status on _perldoc , I found that perldoc completion has existed since at least 2001, when it was moved from User/_perldoc to Unix/_perldoc. Roxor!

And people wonder why "I <3 Zsh!".

[agrangaard@willamette]% git status _perldoc
                                                           1 ~/src/zsh/Completion/Unix/Command
# On branch master
nothing to commit (working directory clean)
[agrangaard@willamette]% git log _perldoc                                                                                          0 ~/src/zsh/Completion/Unix/Command
commit 3d215fd53ed47cbec57283509b2b3c36165303dd
Author: Peter Stephenson 
Date:   Wed Aug 2 22:20:45 2006 +0000

    22579: find .pod files in include path for perldoc

commit 0ba8ae87eac21281e0b17eb9cbb523d133067a4a
Author: Oliver Kiddle 
Date:   Wed Jun 8 12:45:24 2005 +0000

    21315: make completion functions give precendence to descriptions passed as
    parameters and cleanup descriptons in calling functions

commit c3b929c6340834dacf7888a96ce505325c3a85af
Author: Oliver Kiddle 
Date:   Fri Feb 13 18:42:03 2004 +0000

    19418: update completions to new versions

commit 63b336243fdf5e60058472fa456ed11e75280189
Author: Oliver Kiddle 
Date:   Wed Jan 21 13:53:28 2004 +0000

    19387: add (-.) glob qualifier to globs where only files are directly applicable

commit 88fc3c951f3758acffcecc1e1016d23ca31a3560
Author: Sven Wischnowsky 
Date:   Mon Apr 2 12:00:14 2001 +0000

    moved from Completion/User/_perldoc

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