Thursday, October 7, 2010

Aloha Rubicon!

From:    Andrew Grangaard
To:      Rubicon Project
Subject: Aloha Rubicon

Dearest Rubicon Coworkers,

I have moved on from the Rubicon Project, saddened that opening new doors requires closing old ones. A closing of two wonderful years at tRP -- challenges bested, bonds forged and friends earned.

I will miss you all and our shared sense of wonder and excitement at preparing to attack the sleeping google giant. I hope my two years of improvements to infrastructure and fundamentals will aid you in the days and years ahead.

Pacing, RTS, click tracking, proration, scheduling, scheduler v2, scheduler v3, aggregation, merging, hadoop, datacube, svn branch maintenance and svnmerge merging, TDD, unit testing, jira tickets and wiki pages, reproducability, deployment, quality assurance ... I'll miss all my initiatives and projects (I won't miss you, !!)

Thanks and adieu to my wonderful teammates from my two years on the core team Masao, Bill, Peter, Ian, Subash, Damien, David, Jonathan, Willis, Yushik and my core team leads: Mark Douglas, Damien, Mon-Chaio,, Damien(x2), Mon-Chaio(x2), Karim, Duc(x2) and most recently Sam. Core work is challenging and difficult. I salute the dedication and devotion you have all shown to our team to battle the twin complexities of our problem domain.

James, thanks for working with me during my first week when I was pitching out to help the UI team. Subash, you were a wonderful first week buddy. I hope I was able to help other newRubies the way you helped me. Jonathan, you've been a great desk neighbor and programming pair, even when frustrated you're still unassailably upbeat.

RI team, thanks for fighting to put me your squad and then graciously loaning me back to core for the okanagan push.

Mallory, our Den Mother and Cruise Director, you've done an impressive job of adapting the culture over the two-and-a-half population doubles we've seen in my two years.

Frank and Craig, thanks for always telling it like it is and welcoming my questions. I've never seen this level of internal transparency. I know you'll keep the ship on a steady course.

To my many friends and acquaintances on the other teams: you are family. Look me up any time. Life is so different without you all around everyday. Thanks for always bringing a smile to my face.

Thanks to the many of you that I leaned over the past 13 months through my divorce. Especially to those who did not know the circumstances, yet supported me anyways because that's just what awesome people do. Your strength and support have been invaluable.


PS. "woof :(" -- Simba

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