Friday, October 29, 2010


Siesta! Nap time! Plenty of studies show that people who nap are more productive and more creative. We all napped in kindergarten. Why is it that adult naps are dismissed by corporate and polite society? Rather, we feed the endless caffeine addiction that powers the modern factory mentality. Drucker shows us that knowledge workers are paid for their thought, insight and productivity not for their time.

It's time to let them nap and see if effectiveness improves.

"Knowledge worker productivity is the biggest of the 21st century management challenges. In the developed countries it is their first survival requirement. In no other way can the developed countries hope to maintain themselves, let alone to maintain their leadership and their standards of living."
---- Peter Drucker, Management Challenges for the 21st Century (1999)

"We know now that the source of wealth is something specifically human: knowledge. If we apply knowledge to tasks we already know how to do, we call it 'productivity'. If we apply knowledge to tasks that are new and different we call it 'innovation'. Only knowledge allows us to achieve these two goals."
---- Peter Drucker, Managing for the Future (1992)

Simba (my dog) is on his second nap of the day. I think I'll join him for this 2pm siesta and see how it affects the rest of my day and outlook. Night night!

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