Monday, December 13, 2010

Vimana : cpan module to automate vim plugin installation

VIMANA! The Vim script manager. A cpan module for downloading and installing vim plugins! It works with .vim files, archive files (zip, rar), and vimball formats. By c9s / cornelius / Yo-An Lin. caveat: the "installed" command only recognizes plugins installed via vimana.

Cornelius's perl hacks on vim presentation has been on slideshare for two years. It covers "why you should improve your editor skills" -- ranging from "stop moving around with the arrow keys" to advanced commands and plugins. He's written quite a few vim plugins and quite a lot of cpan modules. Props!

Vimana Example:

% cpan Vimana
% vimana search nerd
nerd-tree-&-ack     [utility]      Adding search capability to NERD_Tree with ack
the-nerd-tree       [utility]      A tree explorer plugin for navigating the filesystem
nerd-tree-project   [utility]      It tries to find out root project directory, browse project file with NERD_tree.
the-nerd-commenter  [utility]      A plugin that allows for easy commenting of code for many filetypes.
findinnerdtree      [utility]      Expands NERDTree to file in current buffer

% vimana info the-nerd-tree
#... shows the install instructions ...

% vimana install the-nerd-tree
Plugin will be installed to runtime path: /home/andrew/.vim
Package the-nerd-tree is not installed.
Downloading plugin
 - Makefile : Check if makefile exists. ...not ok
 - Meta : Check if 'META' or 'VIMMETA' file exists. support for VIM::Packager. ... - Rakefile : Check if rakefile exists. ...not ok
Package doesn't contain META,VIMMETA,VIMMETA.yml or Makefile file
Copying files...
/tmp/yohBObI3iy/ => /home/andrew/.vim
Updating helptags

There are quite a few plugins mentioned in the presentation. I've listed the ones I'm interested below. I'll be installing and reviewing them soon. Slide 120 begins a nice section on advanced movement keys. Slide 135 has a list of the variables controlling the perl syntax highlighter.

Perl folding variables:

" set :help folding for more information
:set foldmethod=syntax              " enable syntax based folding
let perl_include_pod=1              " fold POD documentation.
let perl_extended_vars=1            " for complex things like @{${"foo"}}
let perl_want_scope_in_variables=1  " for something like $pack::var1
let perl_fold=1                     " enable perl language based folding
let perl_fold_blocks=1              " enable folding based on {} blocks
---- slide 135

Vim Plugins:

Exciting vim plugins to check out from Reviews and usage information to come in future posts. I'm excited to try Cornelius's updated OmniCompletion helpers.

How does this compare with, included with vim?
Run database queries from inside vim. I skipped past this the first time around, but now I see that it will let you copy the query directly from your source language, apply that languages string mechanics to get the output string and then prompt for bound variables. interesting!
Allows a handy shorthand mapping to search for files/buffers/etc.
the NERD tree
updated file listing explorer
You're already using this, right?
the NERD commentor
improved commenting, under current development.
a ctag integration that shows tag information for the current file / source code browser
"The most downloaded and highest rated plugin on"
Buffer Explorer / Browser -- easily switch between buffers.
Git commands within vim.
a git plugin for vim ( with a git tree menu like NERDtree ), by c9s.
Updates to vim omnicompletion for perl:
Demonstration video
Automatically opens popup menu for completions

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