Sunday, December 19, 2010

ORM -- database abstractions

I've just learned of DBIx::Class::CDBICompat, a Class::DBI compatibility layer for DBIx::Class. Awesome.


DBIx::Class features a fully featured compatibility layer with Class::DBI and some common plugins to ease transition for existing CDBI users.

This is not a wrapper or subclass of DBIx::Class but rather a series of plugins. The result being that even though you're using the Class::DBI emulation layer you are still getting DBIx::Class objects. You can use all DBIx::Class features and methods via CDBICompat. This allows you to take advantage of DBIx::Class features without having to rewrite your CDBI code.

I have inherited an app based on Class::DBI, but I'm not terribly familiar with Class::DBI. So far, the SQL snippet approach is annoying. There are lurking bugs (in our code, not Class::DBI), but mocking and fixing with CDBI is proving to be a pain. It's good to know that if I rewrite all the DB layer in DBIxClass over the holidays, that I'll be able to shim some of the old code onto it through a compatibility layer.

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