Thursday, July 30, 2009

clone remote git to github

I've just made my first remote git repository at github. It's a clone of Matt Trout's Iron-Munger code. Looking back through my zsh history for git commands, this roughly what I did. Comments inline in my awesome 'pre' block.


#setup get information from my new github repository
% git remote add origin
% git config --global "Your Name"
% git config --global "Andrew Grangaard"
% git config --global granny-github@XXXXXXX

#generated my ssh key, and added it via the github web interface.
% less ~/.ssh/

#added this key to my keyring.  This way I don't type my passphrase everytime, yet someone doesn't get access just by grabbing my key.*
% ssh-keygen -t dsa -f ~/.ssh/github_dsa
% ssh-add ~/.ssh/github_dsa

# get my area ready:
% git init
% git add README
#commit first commit locally.
% git commit -m "first commit"

#setup my remote repository, and push to it: (I wonder which of these worked)
% git remote add origin
% git push origin master
% git remote add origin git@github:spazm/Iron-Munger.git
% git push origin master

#pull in the repository I want to clone:
% git remote add upstream
% git fetch upstream
% git push origin master

# pull in the repository
% git pull upstream master

# push it to my copy at github.
% git push origin master

#start making local changes
% git status
% git add IronMunger/ IronMunger/
% git status
% git diff plagger_loader.t
% git add t/plagger_loader.t
% git status
% git add t/stats_saver.t

# commit locally
% git commit

# push to github
% git push origin master

#pull down any changes from the original master
% git pull upstream master

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