Thursday, July 9, 2009

Perl Monks and Mongers

Tired of being a "Level 1: Initiate" at perl monks, I spent a few hours yesterday answering incoming questions. Answering other people's code questions can be super fun, especially when I'm laying in bed waiting to get over a cold.

I'm really happy with how my Hash walker with closures turned out.

When I left to drive up to the Thousand Oaks Perl Mongers meeting, I was at 18 points. When I checked afterward, I'd been bumped up to 20 points -- the threshold for Level 2: Novice. Now I get two votes to mod up&down other posts. FEEL THE POWER!(my perl monks profile).

The TO perl mongers meeting was fun. Aran Deltac talked about his experience at YAPC and then Shawn Faison talked about Genetic Programming, evolving programs through iterated competition with mutation and crossover. I liked that he was talking about something he's doing on his own time for fun because he finds it interesting. Fascinating stuff.

Shawn also mentioned a desire to have a perl 6 / rakudo hackathon at one of the PM meetings. He got a response on his blog from Patrick Michaud (PM), the Pumpking of Rakudo! So now we totally have to do it!

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