Wednesday, November 11, 2009

perl + vim (notes)

On the email list, we had a topic this morning on ideas for tonight's meeting, so I told them about what we'll be doing for the Dec 2 topic -- an interactive night of Vim + perl tips : improving the editor experience, improving the coding experience.

My reply got pretty long, so I'm going to pull the notes out here.

The idea: an interactive night of VIM+perl tips. Bring your vimrc's and links to your favorite modules and plugins. Perl stuff that makes VIM better, VIM stuff than makes editing perl better. A lot of my stuff is circa VI, but it is still sweet.

Tips I'll bring:

  • setting up vim to use quicklist / make functions on your perl. :make
  • integrating perltidy
  • my perltidyrc
  • ctags integration
  • keyword completion
  • a couple of vim plugins
  • examples of vimdiff and svn+vimdiff integration
  • splitting windows
  • related: zsh (the one true shell(tm)) integration.

Stuff I'd love to hear about:

  • using embedded perl in vim. perldo and friends.
  • omnicompletion
  • Your Favorite file browser
  • Your Favorite vim plugins
  • Info about the Vim:: modules on CPAN.
  • updated VIM perl syntax highlighting description, now maintained by petdance/andy lester. announce git issue-tracker group
  • using ACK and using it from inside vim(Tommy, examples please)
  • perlciritc integration via perlchecker.vim
  • iskeyword settings ( set iskeyword+=: , etc)
  • perl-support.vim -- seriously, does anyone use this? I'm not sure I see how it would be helpful. If you do, I'd love a visit from the clue-train.

I only got as far as searching VIM:: on cpan. Next up, mining the perlmonks (and updating, of course) -- the vim info there is old, and some of it is wrong (meaning of a couple flags were flipped between vim6 and vim7).


David Golden said...

Sound awesome! I hope someone can post some slides or a pod/videocast when you're done.

Andrew Grangaard said...


I'll try and get some notes/slides updated after the 12/2/2009 meeting.

We decided not to do this topic at this past week.

Andrew Grangaard said...

I've updated to include links to the slides and config repository.

*Slides rendered to html:

*Config files: