Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Startup Toolkit.

I'd like to see a project of a "startup kit," a collection of opensource tools that are known to work well-enough together: revision control + code review + continuous integration + issue tracking + deployment&configuration.

I don't need perfect, but I would like good-enough.

I suppose this is close to what Atlassian provides, but that's a little too much corporate proprietary synergistic kool-aid for me. Maybe I'm judging too harshly after the Rubicon Atlassian experience, which was soured more by the lack of system and sysadmin resources to upgrade/install/approve the tools than by the tools themselves.

Some options I'm considering now:

  • Issue Tracking
    • Trac
    • bugzilla
    • redmine
    • github issue tracker
  • Source control
    • git, shared via github private account
  • Continuous Integration
    • hudson/jenkins
    • buildbot
    • cruise-control / cruise-control-rb
  • Code Review
    • mondrian (hosted by google appengine)
  • Configuration management and bootstrapping onto ec2
    • chef (pretty far down the chef road at this point)
    • puppet
    • cfengine
  • Monigoring (using all of these for different aspects:
    • nagios
    • ylastic
    • aws console
  • statistics and graphs
    • ganglia
  • log aggregation
    • splunk -- hadn't considered this, but was suggested by friends at GumGum, to monitor logs across a cloud of app-servers
This should be enough to get a scalable environment for developing, testing and deploying an application. After that, it's time to pick the additional infrastructure pieces needed by the application (data persistance, caching, logging, ... )

TODO(andrew): add links for the projects.

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