Wednesday, March 30, 2011

[Undisclosed Startup], my new gig

I started working for [Undisclosed Startup] in December, after leaving leaving The Rubicon Project in September.

These four months have flown by.

I'm having a blast getting back into Startup mode. Rubicon is doing great but has grown to hundreds of engineers. [Undisclosed Startup] has a single digit number of employees and ~4 engineers. At some point we'll de-stealth and show the world ... awesomeness.

I'm definitely getting to "wear a lot of hats," ranging from code reviews to company goal planning. I'm now much more familiar with amazon ec2. I've lead the push to switch to git (so far, so awesome) and an SVN layout cleanup. I'm doing a bunch of sysadmin-ish tasks (oh how I loathe the term dev-ops, yet here we are) -- dear opscode/Chef, your documentation is all over the place, but the product is neat. Leveraging my dearly earned hadoop knowledge from Rubicon. Maintaining and extending the perl web ui. Picking up python. testing testing testing! Maybe I'll even use my low-level-manager hat?!

Apologies in advance for my dearth of future entries: startup-land takes a lot of time and energy. I do hope I at least write about some of the multitude of research topics I'm digging into.

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