Saturday, March 12, 2011

Vroom - vim overrides and mapping for presentation remote

The second best thing about using Vroom (Formerly Vroom::Vroom ) for presentations is hearing, "I've never seen a presentation in vim before." The best thing is using vim as both the editing and display platform.

I realized yesterday while cramming to finish my "intro to git" presentation for work that my recently added vim plugin "magic space" (space.vim) interferes with the default Vroom vimrc bindings. Space.vim rebinds space in a variety of ways to repeat the previous movement commands (search, movement, etc).

Disabling the plugin took a couple of iterations because the documentation was incorrect -- it references loaded_space while the code was checking space_loaded. Actually, the documentation was correct, but the comments in the plugin code are incorrect. I opened a ticket, cloned the github repo, pushed the changes, and updated the ticket with a pull request via git request-pull. Not bad for 5 minutes.

This encouraged me to expand my Vroom knowledge. First, I found the syntax for adding a vimrc override to my presentation. Today, I created a user specific vroom vimrc override in $HOME/.vroom/vimrc to disable magic space when I'm running Vroom presentations.

Since I was already adding custom configuration, I dug out my nerdnite presentation remote and found that the buttons are mapped to PageUp, PageDown and b. These are what powerpoint use for previous page, next page and blank screen. They aren't particularly useful while presenting in vim, so I remapped them in the vroom override to previous and next file.

You think people are shocked by a presentation in vim? Wait until you pull out your laser pointer remote to advance the slides. priceless.

My Intro to Git vroom presentation
Vroom vimrc override file:
my fork with fix for issue 8
Issue 8

"" Custom .vimrc overrides for Vroom
"" These will be automatically added to all 
"" vroom autogenerated .vimrc files

" disable space.vim during Vroom presentations.
" in my version of space.vim the docs refer to
" g:loaded_space, but the code checks g:space_loaded
let g:space_loaded = 1

" My presentation remote has three buttons
" forward: sends PageDown
" back:    sends PageUp
" blank:   sends b
" Bind PageUp to previous doc and PageDown to next doc
map  :N:gg
map  :n:gg
" map b ???

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