Thursday, June 17, 2010

hideous remakes and sequels

I listened to the Manager Tools podcast on keeping a "Delta File" this morning [Career Tools]. A Delta File is where you list stuff that annoys you about your job and/or your manager that you promise that "I won't do that when I'm a manager. I'll fix it!" When you do become a manager, you can look back and get feedback from your previous self, lest you find yourself doing a scene-for-scene remake of your previous manager's actions.

Waiting for me on gale chat was a conversation on hideous remakes and sequels. Beautiful Synchronicity! The pillaging of my childhood memories continues, thanks to the soulless profiteering freaks in Hollywood, to paraphrase Jason and provides plenty of fodder for my 'Hollywood Executive Delta File' to remind myself what not to do when I become a hollywood executive. Remind me not to read slashfilm, lest I learn about these things sooner than I need to.

I do plan to go see A-Team soon, it looks pretty sweet. I mean, it's the friggin' A-Team!

The A-Team and The Karate Kid?
No, seriously, W - T - F? I mean... I just... why?

Just wait until Peter Berg's "Battleship" [1], Sony's "Risk" [2], Gore Verbinski's "Clue" [3], Steve Oedekirk's "Stretch Armstrong" [4], Etan Cohen and Kevin Lima's "Candyland", and even Ridley Scott's "Monopoly" [6]

  1. Peter Berg's Battleship moved up a week
  2. Sony Pictures to make movie based on the board game RISK
  3. Gore Verbinski to direct CLUE
  4. Worst idea ever -- Steve Oedekerk to write Stretch Armstrong movie/
  5. From the guy who wrote Tropic Thunder comes Candy-Land the movie
  6. Worst Idea Ever - Ridley Scott is directing Monopoly/
You forgot Universal's Asteroids

Save us all.

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