Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thunderbird SSL Exceptions

Steps to manually add an exception for SSL handling in Thunderbird.
  1. Open Preferences:
    Edit Menu -> Preferences
  2. View Certificates:
    Advanced Tab -> Certificates Sub Tab -> [View Certificates] button
  3. Servers Tab :
    [Add Exception] button
  4. Add domain :
    Enter domain in Server Location text field
  5. Get Certificate :
    [Get certificate]
  6. View Certificate (optional) :
    [View Certificate] then [Close]
  7. Check permanently store exception :
    [X] Permanently store this exemption
  8. Confirm Security exception :
    [Confirm Security Exception] button
  9. close certificates :
    [close] button
  10. close preferences :
    [close] button

The exception core for Thunderbird is separate from the one for Mozilla / Firefox, so if you've already added an exception there you'll need to repeat it for Thunderbird. I needed to do this because I get legitimate emails from a site that come to me from the internal company domain using our external company SSL certificate. Having to click through 3 pop-ups each time I saw a bamboo build status message is a non-starter.

I wonder if there is a simpler perl interface to directly manipulate these configuration options? Perhaps using Mozilla::Prefs::Simple?

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