Friday, June 11, 2010

ubuntu 10.4 + perl 5.10.1 => personal config moved to .local/share/.cpan

The personal .cpan directory for perl 5.10.1 under ubuntu 10.4 has moved from $HOME/.cpan to $HOME/.local/share/.cpan. I was very confused to get messages about not being able to write to /root/.cpan/build when I knew I had that overridden in my personal configuration file.

Once I found this new location, I was able to delete the new .cpan directory and replace it with a symlink to my old ~/.cpan. Now I can get back to building modules as a non-privileged user into a local::lib based configuration.

Delete empty new .cpan directory and replace with a symlink to my old .cpan:
rm -rf $HOME/.local/share/.cpan && ln -s $HOME/.cpan $HOME/.local/share/

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mobiusinversion said...

Yo Mr. Grangaard, thank for that solution. Small world, I was just searching for this and you were first in search. Good find and thanks for the solution (was banging my head against why cpan could not find ~/.cpan/CPAN/ This is an odd issue. Wonder if its Debian specific. I'm on Ocelot.